Eno Loci 

Candidate for Ward 5  Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor


Etobicoke is Our Community

  Let's take it Back


As a child immigrating to Canada, we lived in several places before settling in Etobicoke. As a newcomer to this great country, Etobicoke gave me a home and the chance to make a great life for our family.

I learned a lot growing up in Ward 5.

The great diversity in the community and the ease of living in such different neighbourhoods, has made me an all-around better person. From the school that I attended to the small businesses I shopped at, the residents were kind and helpful.

I spent the last ten years accomplishing my goals so that one day I can give back to this great community that has given me so much.  Finally that day is here and what better way to give back then to dedicate my life to the community and its residents.

Your vote on October 27th, will show the city that the residents of Ward 5 have a voice and are not afraid to use it. I look forward to sharing my dreams and goals for our community.

Thank You,

Eno Loci